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Digital Counseling Machine


This is the best way spread information. The machine contains all important information. This machine has information in the regional language, so that it can be easily understandable by any person. User does not need to know any specific language like English to get information.


Training is required for every new thing. Training can be done digitally by self, on Digital Counseling Machine. People don’t need to go anywhere to have training of something. This machine provides, good training platform.


Digital Counseling Machine plays vital role to counsel people. This machine shows right direction to people. This is the best replacement of counselor at any public sector. Using this machine, people are get self-dependent. This can serve any time.

Notice Board

Respective sector publishes notifications, time to time. These notifications are flashed on Digital Information Machine. So that, notifications can reaches to people easily. People get important notices and other notifications.


Touch Screen Display

It is easy to use because of touch screen.There is no need to search other sources because training is available.

Information available in audio format

Information can be heard at some distance as information is available in audio format.

Information available on the map

Information available on the map.


Questionnaire to find out schemes for farmers

Information available in regional language

No need to find other information resources to know the information.

High quality video available for training

There is no need to search other sources because training is available.

Information available in high quality format

No need to have computer knowledge.Effective medium of publicity and information transmission.

Systematic and attractive layout

Attractive layout is easy to understand.

Digital Counseling Machine

     Now a day, people are getting very much close to information technology. By considering this factor, we can make a machine using artificial intelligence. It is necessary for the people to have a platform to deliver all sorts of information. It is very useful for disseminating information through a digital machine. To achieve this it will be very easy and convenient for citizens to get "Digital Counseling Machine” in every public sector. This machine will be useful for delivering very important information. This machine can make revolution. This is the best replacement of counselor at any public sector. The Digital Counseling Machine has correct and necessary information. This can serve the people at any time. .


Digital Gram Panchayat Machine

Helpful to spread information among all levels of society.

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Digital Education Machine

Machine useful for students. They can learn many things digitally.

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Digital Agriculture Machine

Agriculture related information containing machine.

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Digital Examination Machine

This machine is good study material.

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Digital Bank Machine

Machine solves all bank related queries of people.

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Digital Sports Machine

They can get all type information about Sports on this machine.

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Digital Police Machine

Machine helps public to know about police of the respected area.

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Digital APMC Machine

An APMC detail has been shown on this machine.

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The following information is available in the Digital Information Machine

  • Introduction of Nanaji Deshmukh Agricultural Sanjivani Project
  • योजना माझ्यासाठी
  • प्रशिक्षण
  • योजना
  • लाभार्थी यादी
  • ग्राम कृषि संजीवनी समिती
  • मासिक
  • शासन निर्णय
  • यशोगाथा
  • गोषवारा

Features of the project

  • Touch screen display
  • Information available in regional languages
  • Information available in audio format
  • Questionnaire for farmers to find out the scheme
  • Graphic and attractive layout
  • Information available in high quality view format

Benefits of the project

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About Digital Counseling Machine

Digital Counseling Machine is a machine. It is regarding to delivering very important information.This is the best replacement of counselor at any public sector.